Emerge’s Stratospheric Strategy

Emerge’s Stratospheric Strategy

Value energy drink Emerge is aiming to reach new audiences and new heights with its 2014 marketing strategy, which includes everything from student targeting to a simply stratospheric campaign.

Building on the brand’s record-breaking marketing campaign for 2013, which helped Emerge become the UK’s fastest-growing value functional energy drink*, the 2014 strategy will see a continued level of investment in the brand’s profile whilst promising to raise the bar on creativity.

Perhaps the most adventurous element of the marketing mix, Emerge’s “Face in Space” campaign, will offer fans a unique and ‘out of this world’ opportunity to see their face in space by showcasing a photograph of themselves on a high-altitude weather balloon.

Designed to resonate with the brand’s core 16 – 24 year old target market, and promote the brand’s mischievous personality; The Emerge Space Programme will be supported with a combination of advertising, social media and experiential activities in addition to an on-pack promotion due to hit shelves in April.

*SIG, All Snack Scan Outlets, 52we 15.09.2013