Innovative app Gander using data to combat food waste

Innovative app Gander using data to combat food waste

Reductions, wastage, and compliance all impact on a retailer’s the bottom line significantly, sometimes as much as 100% of their profit. Yet many retailers don’t have this data to hand or the technology to understand how to solve and reduce these issues.

Ganderlytics is a proprietary analytics platform developed by Gander.  It empowers retailers to access and probe their data on all aspects of wastage at store, area, or head office level. The platform provides a comprehensive insight into ‘reduced to clear’ stock, wastage, store compliance, redistribution, and customer engagement.

Gander has partnered with many retailers and successfully reduced their food waste, improved their bottom line, and enhanced their sustainability credentials with their local community.

Through using Gander’s technology, retailers have improved their sell-through rates by up to 95 per cent, their markdown loss to 38 per cent, their instore compliance by 40 per cent and their shrinkage by 24 per cent.

The user-friendly interface makes it simple to see exactly what you want when you want. Ganderlytics also gives retailers a new view of customers’ locations, preferences, and searches, allowing them to make informed day-to-day operational decisions which aids overall sustainability. You can filter according to your needs, by store, area, date and metric, and track improvements by comparing different date ranges.

Retailers know what’s reduced on their store shelves in a matter of seconds and can tell whether these reductions are accurate and within policy times.

What’s more, the retailer can identify and understand reduction sales trends, move reduction times to improve margin and sell through rate and examine shrink and waste in more detail. Retailers can also opt to have a daily automatic redistribution list of any surplus waste products to share with their chosen charities.

Using Ganderlytics, many retailers have reviewed their policies with great success and one Gander customer improved their bottom-line profit from a policy change by 20%.

Stacey Williams, Head of Customer Engagement and Business Development at Gander, says: “Whilst our app has empowered shoppers, it has been fantastic to see it make a measurable difference to the retailers that have integrated our technology in store. Ganderlytics delivers a full 360 analytical view of retailers’ waste providing invaluable insights that otherwise just could not be seen.”

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