New-style alcoholic drink from WKD offers something X-tra

New-style alcoholic drink from WKD offers something X-tra

In a bold initiative which draws inspiration from the energy drinks category, WKD is launching an alcoholic drink containing caffeine, guarana and taurine.

Debuting this month under the name WKD X, the innovative 7% ABV sub-brand launches in 500ml single cans in a duo of striking flavour variants: WKD X Blue and WKD X Gold.

With energy drinks the fastest-growing segment of the soft drinks category, owner SHS believes WKD is perfectly placed to bring a highly regarded brand to the fledgling ‘enhanced RTD’ category. Enhanced RTDs have grown +90% over the last two years and the launch of WKD X marks a step-change in the development of this new consumer category of high energy/higher ABV drinks.

Generation Z consumers know energy drinks are a convenient way to get their caffeine fix; the launch of WKD X draws on the soft drinks category’s success and presents a credible, supported alcoholic version to a receptive 18 to 24-year-old market.

Promotions in wholesalers and off-shelf features in-store will support the launch and a high-profile communications campaign will build consumer awareness.

Brendan Loughran, Head of Business Unit (Ireland) at SHS Drinks, says: “WKD is synonymous with delivering great flavours and even greater times. The brand has always been about delivering for different consumer needs across a spectrum of occasions, and WKD X takes our offering to another level.

“WKD X is where the WKD brand meets the lust for life; it’s an energetic fusion of the best of both. Consumers are well versed in mixing alcoholic drinks with energy drinks – what WKD X delivers is the convenience of a pre-mixed format from a brand consumers know and love. For wholesalers and retailers keen to focus on where incremental RTD growth will come from, WKD X marks the spot.”