Stay cool with skin-friendly natural deodorants from Green People

Stay cool with skin-friendly natural deodorants from Green People

Green People natural deoderants provide more comfort and less chemicals

To stave off that hot, sweaty feeling, most of us will reach for a chemical-based deodorant hoping to stay cool and dry. Unfortunately, these man-made chemicals are going to do more harm than good. Most aerosols and roll-on deodorants will clog pores, meaning sweat will do it’s very best to escape somehow. The result? Irritation, discomfort and aggravation of conditions such as prickly heat. Because of these chemicals, our body is unable to eliminate toxins through natural perspiration, meaning inflammation can spread around the body. Our ability to regulate our body temperature is even reduced.

Thankfully, Green People can promise more comfort, less chemicals with their award-winning range of natural deodorants. So, why go natural? Green People deodorants are ultra-gentle and made with natural actives that really work. You won’t find any pore-clogging aluminium here; instead, safe, earth minerals and plant extracts work together in a 3-way action to offer you the best natural protection. Did you know chemicals in deodorants which prevent bacteria from growing have been linked to a range of health concerns including contact dermatitis? Most familiar brands will also contain alcohol and triclosan, while excessive use of spray deodorants have been linked to a number of serious conditions including asthma and breathing difficulties.

Green People’s certified organic Quinoa & Prebiotics Deodorant – £10.50 (75ml) provides natural protection against odour. Formulated without any trace of aluminium chlorohydrate, this roll-on deodorant contains prebiotics to promote the skins own healthy natural bacterial flora, thereby restricting the odour-forming bacteria. In fact, 93% of testers reported 24 hours of protection. Zinc ricinoleate, a salt from ricinoleic acid works like a sponge, absorbing odour molecules before they can enter the air while potassium alum (a mineral salt from volcanic rock) boasts powerful antibacterial action without blocking pores. Finally, rosemary, aloe vera and shea butter soften, soothe and calm the underarm to prevent irritation, whilst regulating the skin’s acid balance. Skin is left beautifully scented with a fresh citrus aroma. Other formulas include Aloe Vera & Prebiotics Deodorant – £10.50 (75ml) and Rosemary & Prebiotics Deodorant – £10.50 (75ml).

For those suffering from particularly sensitive skin, look to the Green People Scent Free Deodorant – £10.50 (75ml), an effective roll-on with prebiotics and aloe vera. Naturally free from parabens and pore-clogging aluminium, it has been made without essential oils and is certified organic; ideal for ultra-sensitive skin and allergy sufferers. Ammonium alum, a naturally occurring mineral salt, packs a punch against germs whilst zinc ricinoleate, derived from castor oil, acts as an effective natural deodorant without inhibiting normal perspiration.

The whole family can make the transition to natural skincare with the Organic Young! Deodorant – £10.00 (75ml), an organic alternative specifically designed for young skin. Formulated with ammonium alum, this roll-on stops odour in its tracks. This plant-based deodorant is pH balanced to be gentle on sensitive underarm skin and contains prebiotics to kill off bad bacteria. A gentle scent of orange and vanilla will leave you feeling fresh and dry for the day ahead.

Green People products are available from, independent health stores, Ocado and selected Waitrose, Wholefoods, Planet Organic and Revital.