Winter is coming… Convenience Retailers Have Winter All Wrapped Up

Winter is coming…  Convenience Retailers Have Winter All Wrapped Up

Warm Cosy Nights Indoors

Winter 21-22 will be like no other. Will there be another lockdown? Will people be required to work from home again? Will there be another Covid surge like last winter? Most people, urban, rural and inbetween, will batten down the hatches and turn indoors – so make sure you’re fully stocked for the spike in demand for winter fuels.

The Danish concept of “hygge” has become more popular in recent years. Hygge – pronounced ‘hoo-ga’, it is defined as “a quality of cosiness and comfortable conviviality that engenders a feeling of contentment or well-being.” This is why the Danes are often claimed to be the happiest, or most content, in the world. For the long, cold winter months they batten down the hatches, and make their own homes the centre of the universe for the duration.

Baby it’s cold outside

It’s cold and dark outside, why venture out when you can stock up on winter fuels at the local forecourt or convenience store, and stay warm and cosy at home?

Given that a 2019 forecourt report by the Association of Convenience Stores found that 72 per cent of forecourts sell wood and domestic burning fuel, and given that 75 per cent of forecourt shoppers drive to the store, it makes sense that they can fill the boot with necessary winter fuel supplies, whether that’s coal, wood for the burner, peat, gas or oil drums to top up for a cold spell.

We’re in for a chilly winter – according to this year’s “Old Farmer’s Almanac.”

The newest edition of the 230-year-old series projects the 2021-22 winter as a particularly cold one, dubbing it the “season of shivers.” The almanac’s editor says it could even be “one of the longest and coldest that we’ve seen in years.”

Beast from the East

The almanac, which has often stirred up debate about its accuracy, suggests this winter will deal an icy combo of above-average snowfall and below-average temperatures. We could be facing another ‘Beast from the East.’

Donegal postman Michael Gallagher gets asked every year for his predictions on the Northern Irish winter, and each year he seems to get it spot on. Using his observations of nature, he expects expect a changeable winter with lots of cold weather on the way. If the foxes come down from the mountains and the robins are going into the houses, the retired postman poetically explains, it’s a sign of an unsettled few months ahead.

We could be in for a white Christmas. We are in for a “very, very cold winter” with storms and snow.

Peat – or turf – is of course a traditional favourite on the forecourt. Environmental issues continue unabated. Consumer demand is for more environmentally sustainable options when it comes to selecting winter fuels from the forecourt.

The peat briquette is a staple fuel for many people. Biomass briquettes and high quality, smokeless coal along with other low Carbon and low smoke products will certainly be in high demand for the Irish fireside this winter.

Despite regulations and environmental concerns, coal, heat logs and wood remain the ‘must have’ winter fuel supplies for the forecourt retailer.

Oil and gas

Stock up on gas canisters and of course, the emergency 25ltrs of oil are often great sellers in winer – especially when the oil tank runs low – people know, they can rely on their local retailer, forecourt, or convenience store to keep them sorted when it comes to emergency supplies – necessities for winter, and a great annual business opportunity.

Cylinder Safety at the Core of Calor

As temperatures drop and the long evenings begin, many homeowners are turning on their home heating systems for longer periods of time. Homeowners need to be well prepared for the winter months, they want energy that is reliable, affordable and safe to use.  Calor retailers can be confident in recommending Calor cylinders to their customers, because of the commitment we make to safety in our cylinders.

At Calor, safety and trust are paramount for our retailers and their customers. Over the past 80 years, Calor has been meeting the energy needs of homes and business across the island of Ireland. Throughout this time, Calor has earned a reputation for delivering the highest standards of cylinder safety in the products it offers, and those available through its extensive retailer network.

All Calor cylinders are filled by Calor, so we can be sure of every one.  Every Calor cylinder goes through a substantial and detailed 7-point mandatory safety check before it is delivered to a Calor Retailer.

Calor is proud of its extensive product offering that allows customers to see the benefits of using gas, including Calor BioLPG, our 100% renewable energy, which offers customers a sustainably conscious fuel option.

For more information on becoming a Calor retailer or to see our range of mobile heaters, check out our website at