World’s Purest Facial Wipe

World’s Purest Facial Wipe

WaterWipes Facial Wipes are 100 per cent natural. They are made with 99.9 per cent ultra-purified water, 0.1 per cent citrus grapefruit seed extract and dead sea minerals – and that’s it!

WaterWipes really work! They are thick and strong enough to get the job done, yet soft and gentle enough to use every day.

WaterWipes do not contain any skin irritants – such as alcohol, fragrance, lanolin, perfume,  colour, oil, and many more – that will sting your face leaving it red and tight. You can use WaterWipes for your face and eyes. They are hypoallergenic and dermatologically tested.

WaterWipes are really suitable for all sensitive skin and approved by Allergy UK. They leave your skin feeling pure, fresh and clean.

Other facial wipes contain harsh chemical ingredients that can irritate sensitive skin. They can sting and dry out your skin leaving your skin feeling tight and red.

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