Worth their Weight in Gold – Food Force Ireland online conference 28-30th September

Worth their Weight in Gold – Food Force Ireland online conference 28-30th September

Food Force Ireland will celebrate the value of local suppliers during its annual event – set to take place online once more – from 268th to 30th September – including the annual Food Force Ireland Supplier of the Year Awards.

Online Conference 28-30th September

Excitement is building already for Food Force Ireland’s second online conference.  The online event will take place each day from 2pm until 3.30pm – similar to last year’s first online conference – a necessity due to Covid.

Organised by FFI’s Debra Johnston, she said “Last year’s maiden conference was a huge success, enjoyed by all our members and feedback from suppliers who took part felt it was very beneficial to have the opportunity to engage with the Food Force members.

Guest speakers

This year again we shall have many guest speakers, exciting product launches and promotions and informative presentations from many suppliers. Our members are going to be more involved this year. We shall be showcasing more stores to remind you of how successful they are and what an important part they play in the turnover of your businesses” continued Debra Johnston.

FFI Chairman Jonathan Crawford

Supplier of the year Awards

“We shall of course be presenting the Food Force Ireland Supplier of the Year Awards, voted for by the FFI members. We have always recognised the importance of our relationships between suppliers and FFI members and now, more than ever in these challenging trading times, we need each other more than ever.

“The business done at our pre Covid trade shows was always very significant. Over £1million worth of deals were sold each year. The Online Conference topped that figure last year and I am hopeful with your support we can achieve or better that number this year too.”

Local suppliers

Debra Johnston told NR “Our local suppliers have been worth their weight in gold this year – which is why our Supplier of the Year Awards – voted for by the members – will be extra special. I’ve heard so many stories of suppliers going out of their way to help keep retailers stocked.

“The resilience of the local supply base has been vital – we couldn’t do it without them. The relationships between suppliers and local independents is so strong and so good, it’s the key to everything. This three day event is our chance to showcase and celebrate all that is good and worthy in the industry.

“Our event will include short films featuring the best of our stores – we really do have superb quality here in Northern Ireland – we really need to showcase just how good they are.”

Gavin Emerson, Deputy Chairman