Asda Bangor’s Leah is customer service superstar

Asda Bangor’s Leah is customer service superstar
Asda Bangor colleague, Leah Stevenson demonstrated outstanding customer service by taking the time to help a visually impaired customer do her weekly shop.

Asda Bangor colleague, Leah Stevenson has been praised for outstanding customer service after taking the time to help a visually impaired customer do their weekly shop.

It was an ordinary shift for Leah when she was approached by a lady who asked her for guidance. The customer explained to Leah that she was visually impaired and had some items that she needed to pick up in store. Without a second thought, Leah grabbed a trolley, linked arms with the customer and guided her around the store to pick up everything she needed.

First on the customer’s list was a new pair of summer shorts, Leah started off helping the lady pick the perfect pair by finding the correct size, describing them to her by the style, fit and colour and by having the lady feel the texture of them. Once the shorts were in the bag, they moved onto groceries.

Arm in arm, Leah proceeded to assist the customer complete her weekly grocery shop. As they headed towards the tills, they just so happened to bump into Leah’s mum, who was delighted to hear the customer say that she should be so proud of Leah.

Leah, Customer Service Colleague at Asda Bangor said: “I love helping people. I took the necessary time with the customer, but I was just doing my job. One of my favourite things about working in customer service is how rewarding it can be, it’s amazing to be able to impact someone else’s day so positively.”

Andrew Scott, Section Manager at Asda Bangor, added: “Working in customer service means that we deal with a range of scenarios, and Leah always ensures that she puts the customer first no matter what. The customer was so pleased with Leah’s help that she even took the time to inform our Front-End Section Leader and said that she would definitely return to our store again. Very well-done Leah.”