Camelot launches Site, Stock, Sell online

Camelot launches Site, Stock, Sell online

Previous Site, Stock, Sell quarterly £10k prize winner, Yvonne Hamilton, owner of Linton Stores in York, takes home the £10k prize at the beginning of the year

This £10k prize will now be split into ten separate £1,000 prizes, meaning there will be ten retailers who win big in the next quarterly prize draw – making a difference to smaller shops, in particular, during the current challenging circumstances.

The changes are part of Camelot’s new-look digital Site, Stock, Sell retailer rewards programme – which has been adapted because retailers are still facing a number of challenges (including potentially having to limit the number of people in-store at any given time). Although Camelot is currently in the process of putting some of its Retail Sales Team back on the road, it doesn’t want retailers who don’t receive a face-to-face visit to miss out on rewards – and will be working to understand each individual retailer and their particular circumstances.

Site, Stock, Sell online will run from 27th July. National Lottery retailers will be able to score their store against ten Site, Stock, Sell questions each month by uploading images to the National Lottery Retailer Hub ( These will then be reviewed by Camelot Retail Sales Executives and cash rewards will be earned when retailers score 8, 9 or 10/10. Each time they score 8 or above, this also gives them one entry into the quarterly prize draw (maximum of three entries per quarter).

As part of the changes, Camelot is also introducing a new Site, Stock, Sell ‘score bonus’, which gives retailers who record scores of 8, 9 or 10/10 consistently across three months an extra £20. All of this is in addition to the normal £10 bonus events that will continue to support special event draws and Scratchcard campaigns – and means that retailers could earn up to £70 per store with Site, Stock, Sell in the space of just three months.