Lucozade blasts into new year with fresh new packaging

Lucozade blasts into new year with fresh new packaging

Lucozade Alert is back with a bang in 2023 with a fresh new look, designed to drive even better on-shelf standout and appeal to more shoppers.

Lucozade Alert have now invested in a new striking and colourful 500ml can design across all three flavours; Original Lucozade, Cherry Blast and Tropical Burst which launched in market this month.

The brand has achieved a worth of €1.5 million retail sales value since its 2022 launch and continues to grow.

Data reveals 75% of adults have reported concerns about tiredness, and the Lucozade Alert range responds to a clear consumer need, as a high caffeine energy drink with Vitamin B3 to help combat tiredness, from the trusted brand Lucozade. It provides a hit of energy that gives consumers a much-needed boost and a blast of fruity flavour.

The stimulation market is the fastest growing soft drinks segment in recent years and the new packaging will help retailers drive sales across the range. Sara Philpot, Senior Brand Manager Lucozade Energy Ireland said: “The stimulation energy segment in Ireland has seen strong growth so a genuine opportunity for retailers to drive their sales across 2023 is there.

“The newly updated pack design offers a fresh opportunity to drive shopper engagement while encouraging trial and additional purchases, in order to help deliver an even bigger up-tick in sales,” she added.

Available from 9th January, the new Lucozade Alert packaging launch will be supported by TV, OOH, VOD, digital and social media advertising, and PR.