Michael Gove to head taskforce to secure food supply chain

Michael Gove to head taskforce to secure food supply chain

Michael Gove has been tasked with fixing Britain’s food supply chain problems, amid fears of Christmas food shortages.

The Prime Minister has appointed Mr Gove to lead a cross-governmental committee responsible for dealing with the problems that have led to shortages in supermarkets and retail across the country.

Industry leaders have previously warned that people should prepare for permanent shortages in supermarkets if issues around supply chains persist, according to The Telegraph.

Archie Norman, Marks and Spencer’s chairman, told LBC this week that supermarkets were facing a “perfect storm”, adding it was going to be a “bumpy ride” before Christmas.

It was reported that the group will look at increasing the number of HGV drivers and work with food suppliers to solve the problem.

The National Economic Recovery Taskforce (Logistics), will co-ordinate across Government departments, and is thought to run along similar lines to the no-deal Brexit preparations.

The committee is expected to push for changes such as the licencing system for HGV drivers, which costs applicants more than £250.

One commentator on Twitter wrote ‘Barely a year since the EU-U.K. Trade and Cooperation agreement has been in place (with the tricky parts still to be enforced) and we have appointed a minister to ‘save Christmas’ Let that sink in …