The rally, organised by the North West Anti Poverty Action Group, will take place at the Diamond in Enniskillen from midday.

One of those attending the demonstration this weekend, Tina from Newtownbutler said it was time for people to take action against rising prices.

“This cost of living crisis is hitting us all, we have to make dire choices and are borrowing Peter to pay Paul”, Tina said in a video ahead of the rally.

“We need to stand together and put our feet on the street and say enough is enough.

“I live in the small village of Newtownbutler, when I moved here in the 80s there were two banks, three pubs, seven independent retailers, two butchers, two hairdressers, a haulage firm…that’s a far cry away from the rundown dilapidated place that we see today.”

Independent councillor Eamon Keenan, who is supporting those planning the rally, said: “I have spoken with people who want to bring their voice to the street, they feel so threatened by the rising cost of just surviving.

“They want a fuel and food price cap to begin with. To, as they see it, give them some chance of being able to eat and heat.

“They see inflation heading for 10% but wages are stagnant. The ‘working poor’ are as badly off as those on benefits alone. This situation cannot remain as is. People are fearful and desperate.”

“Join us in Enniskillen to rally against the ever increasing Fuel, Food and cost of living hikes,” the anti-poverty group said on its event page.

“The big energy providers and multinationals are making record breaking profits at the expense of us, the ordinary people. Whilst the people in power are doing nothing to stop it.

“It is time the ordinary people made their voices heard – enough is enough.”