Tesco launches flexible work space for hybrid workers

Tesco launches flexible work space for hybrid workers

It said the flexible workspace business will convert excess space at its supermarket stores into office space designed for hybrid working.

The move comes amid the continued shift away from traditional city centre offices which was accelerated by the pandemic.

IWG said the partnership will start with a first site at the Tesco Extra store in New Malden, with workspace on the store’s upper mezzanine level being fitted with 12 OpenDesks, 30 co-working spaces and a meeting room.

Tesco has already identified a number of potential sites around the UK, and although none are in Northern Ireland for now, the move is part of IWG’s plans to add 1,000 new locations to its global network in 2022 as the demand for hybrid working accelerates.

Louise Goodland, head of strategic partnerships at Tesco, said: “We are pleased to be working with IWG to offer customers the chance to work more flexibly from their local Tesco.

“We are always looking to serve our customers and communities better and we will be interested to see how they respond to these new opportunities.”

Mark Dixon, founder and chief executive of IWG, said: “For several decades we have been at the forefront of hybrid work, empowering people to work more productively and conveniently.

“People don’t want to spend hours commuting every day and instead want to live and work in their local communities.

“A Tesco Extra in a suburban location, in the middle of a vibrant local community, is the perfect location for flexible office space.”