Trade NI Westminster Reception and launch of its ‘Vision 2030′

Trade NI Westminster Reception and launch of its ‘Vision 2030′

Trade NI, the alliance between Hospitality Ulster, Manufacturing NI and Retail NI, will host a major event in the House of Commons, to engage with politicians and policy-makers and stress the need for economic change in Northern Ireland.

The alliance, who represent the majority of businesses in Northern Ireland are pushing for delivery of a clear economic strategy for Northern Ireland, increase in productivity of the Northern Ireland workforce, reduction of the regulatory burden of businesses, increased skills base of workforce.

Over 300 guests will attend including Ministers, MPs, Lords, and business leaders from across the United Kingdom, many of whom will travel from Northern Ireland.

A Trade NI Economic Report will be launched at the Westminster Reception.

The Northern Ireland delegation will also attend a lunchtime reception at the Embassy of Ireland in London and a reception in Downing Street following the event in the House of Commons.

In a joint statement, the Trade NI Chief Executives including Stephen Kelly, Colin Neill and Glyn Roberts said: “We have now the largest ever Northern Ireland business delegation attending the Trade NI reception at the House of Commons.

Retail CEO Glyn Roberts added: “The meeting on September 11 is going to be a major event, and we hope to have a Downing Street reception as well. Our aim is to get across the message that Northern Ireland is open for business. We have a 2030 document that sets out our vision for the future, displaying where this region needs to be in 11 years’ time. This is the first time a 10 year plan like this has ever been put forward, so we hope to launch new ideas and new ways of thinking.

“This meeting is crucial as we will have a very influential group of MPs, peers, diplomats, and other key policy makers at Whitehall, so it’s important that the business community shows leadership in these difficult times and more importantly starts to focus on the future.”