Co-op cuts the plastic – and reveals meaningful 10-point climate plan

Co-op cuts the plastic – and reveals meaningful 10-point climate plan

The Co-op announced it was stopping the sale of plastic bags for life. As a significant move in the war against plastic, the retailer has also revealed its major climate commitment.

The Co-op has come up with a 10-point climate plan aimed at delivering real and meaningful change.

Co-op plans to reach net zero in terms of carbon emissions by 2040, 10 years ahead of the target set out by the government for the UK.

Co-op will make all its own-label food and drink carbon neutral within four years – by working with suppliers to deliver more sustainable approaches.

Another key move is price-matching its Gro vegan range to the meat or dairy alternative – in some cases reducing the price of the plant-based lines by more than 50%, for example Gro vegan sausages will now cost £1.45.

Co-op also plans to make its 200-strong home delivery fleet electric, end the use of fossil fuel heating, reduce farm agricultural emissions, cut packaging and minimise impacts from soy in animal feed.

Co-op has been reporting on its environmental impact for 15 years already and has promised even greater transparency. It is calling on other retailers to follow suit and for the government to step in and make it mandatory for businesses to report their end-to-end greenhouse gas emissions. Co-op really is ‘walking the talk’ – others will need to catch up.