Nappy Days at Lidl

Nappy Days at Lidl

September most popular month for babies

September which is the most popular month for births in the UK according to the Office of National Statistics.

With the highest number of births occurring over the next four weeks, Lidl Northern Ireland is holding its biggest ever baby event from Thursday 3rd September and includes almost 70 baby products launching in 39 stores across Northern Ireland for a limited time only. This includes its much loved Lupilu nappies which, at just 4 pence per nappy, means that savvy parents can purchase a year’s supply of nappies for just over £200.


New parents can save more than £780 per baby by shopping at Lidl Northern Ireland

Starting at just 4p per nappy, this is Lidl Northern Ireland’s biggest ever baby event.

With one baby’s entire first year supply of nappies available for just over £200, it’s no wonder that 100% of parents surveyed agree Lupilu are ‘good value for money.’*

Private Label

The retailer’s private label range also ranks on quality, featuring skin-friendly leak safeguards, magical tubes for a long-lasting feeling of dryness and a flexible fit to keep your little one comfy.

Lidl Northern Ireland’s biggest baby event ever takes place from Thursday 3rd September in stores across Northern Ireland. The first baby event of this scale will see the retailer launch a range of almost 70 baby products into its 39 stores across Northern Ireland for a limited time only, including new Lupilu Organic Baby Fruit Pouches and GOTS certified Lupilu baby clothing made with certified organic cotton.