New Gin and Tonic flavoured After Eights are coming soon

New Gin and Tonic flavoured After Eights are coming soon
Gin&Tonic flavoured After Eights - limited edition from Nestle

Perfect for pre-Christmas sales

Nestlé has announced the first nationwide flavour launch from After Eights, and the new limited edition version of the tasty mint is G&T flavoured!

After Eight’s fondant filling is made and flavoured with 100 per cent natural peppermint oil and, from September, your customers will be able to enjoy it with the added zingy flavour of Gin and Tonic. Like always, the fondant is coated in rich dark chocolate, made with responsibly sourced cocoa.

Debbie Bowen, Senior Brand Manager for After Eight, said “Gin has rapidly become the nation’s spirit of choice, so what could be better than combining the flavours of our favourite tipple with the delicious mint fondant and dark chocolate that has made After Eight so popular for almost sixty years?

“After Eight Gin & Tonic & Mint is a delightfully fresh, zesty twist on a classic, and we believe it will prove to be a very popular addition to the range. Gin O’Clock has officially arrived!”

After Eight Gin & Tonic & Mint is a limited edition that will be available across the UK and Ireland from 7 September onwards, until Christmas.