Taste of Goodness invest £450 into retailer’s stores

Taste of Goodness invest £450 into retailer’s stores

Condiment brand Taste of Goodness provides each retailer with a significant marketing package to ensure they get the best possible results.

The team at Taste of Goodness believe that by investing £450 into marketing their product in each of their retailer’s stores they can increase sales. They do this through a tailored three-step plan:


Taste of Goodness begin by providing a free slim wooden stand that is sized to carry the bottles neatly. The aesthetically pleasing stand fits around most shop pillars and ideally sized to not take up too much floor space which is very important in busy shops.

Promotion in-store

They then provide an in-store demonstrator from the Taste Team who can use the retailer’s own products for dipping. Most retailers prefer this approach as helps them co-promote products such as crackers, breadsticks, or goujons which may be on offer that day providing added benefit to the tasting.


Finally, Taste of Goodness place a £30 basket of sauce into each store for their own social media sites to raffle amongst their own customers.

Taste of Goodness

As a local Northern Ireland supplier, Taste of Goodness provides 14 jobs across the region. While they primarily produce a great tasting condiment, as a great bonus they also happen to be Free From:

  • Gluten free
  • Lactose free
  • Shellfish free
  • Vegan and vegetarian suitable
  • Produced on a Halal approved site.

If retailers are having an in-store Free From event Taste of Goodness are happy to provide a further in-store demonstrator who is qualified to recommend free from meal solutions using their delicious sauces.

Taste of Goodness 4

Follow Taste of Goodness on their active Facebook page where there are new recipes posted regularly tailored to meet customer’s different needs including:

  • Handy low-calorie meals
  • Party meal solutions for special times of year

Taste of Goodness are also known as the ‘Home of award winning sauces’, having won another six awards this year on top of the eight awards last year, making them officially N Irelands most award winning free from sauce!

Taste of Goodness 3

For more information visit: tasteofgoodness.ie or contact NI sales rep Terence O’Donnell on 07885 969018 or 02871 374691